Good morning, precious child of YHVH Elohim

Today I want to read from John 6:28 (KJV)  “I have many things to   say and to judge of you, but He who sent Me is true; and I speak to the world those things which I have heard of Him.”

When I read this verse I immediately ask myself, how would I understand this verse if I were hearing it in Hebrew?

'I have heard of Him' – Some things immediately change when looking at this in Hebrew.  First, in Hebrew, to hear is to obey - Shema.  So, when Yeshua says, “the things which I heard,” He also means “the things which I obeyed.”  To hear without obeying is to have ears that are deaf.  Yeshua is talking about hearing and doing the will of the Father.  You and I can hear and do too.  We also participate in shema, if we choose to do so.

This implies that it is perfectly possible to hear and do the will of the Father.  It isn’t always necessary to cry out loud, fall to the floor, fast and ask God to please tell me what He wants me to do.  He already told us, beloved, in His Word. Doing what we already know is what happens before we discover what we do not know.  It would hardly have been possible for Yeshua to claim that He heard the Father if He were not obedient to all that the Father already revealed.  That would be like trying to survey a piece of property without bothering to take any mathematics courses.  First things first.  And first comes Deuteronomy!

Now I also want to show you something else that I have noticed, something Hebraic in this statement.  Shema is connected to dabar(to speak).  Hearing (obeying) and speaking go together in God’s word.  Yeshua makes the connection for us.  What is heard and obeyed becomes reality.  God’s word manifest in us is the same as obedience to Him – and that is the proclamation of His message to the world.

Do you want to be like Yeshua?  In this aspect of discipleship, you know just what to do.  You start by listening and doing.  You do what you are told to do.  Yes, I know that sounds so strict and not flexible at all, especially to us who are living and are citizens of a Greek-based individual rights world, “free to do what I want” kind of world.  But submission comes from bending my desires to the service of another master.  So, you do what you’re told.   YHVH only tells you to do things that you can do and that are in your best interests.   By doing what we are told to do, we are able to speak to the world.

What we speak is life – the whole manifestation of who we are as obedient children of the Abba Father.
What we manifest is His will in living reality.
We speak a lot, sometimes without a single word.  It was not necessary for Yeshua to proclaim His authority and His divinity.  His actions demonstrated both.  If we want to be what God has in mind for us, we will have to start where Yeshua started, with hearing from God.  Only after shema becomes our way of life will we be qualified to deliver God’s message to others.

Let us pray:
Abba Father, I worship you, and you alone.  Thank you for your Word that is a light onto my path. The path that I have chosen to walk and to be your child, and to become everyday more and more like Yeshua.  Father, help me to shema your instructions and commandments so that I can be all you have called me to be.  I pray and ask this in the Mighty Name of Yeshua, Amen

Audio Boodskap

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